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Would your Business pass the HR Health Check?

Your business is not dissimilar to a human body.

Like the human body, a business is made up of several moving parts and aims to be effective and efficient in the short and long term. In most cases the people component would be the largest moving part of your business.

When all the moving parts are functioning in their correct sequence, efficiently, and without disturbance (poor health, illness, loss of senses), then the optimal outcome can be expected.

Regular medical assessments are a standard and expected measure for monitoring the health of a human especially in early childhood and again later in life as the aging process takes hold. But what about the large period in the middle!! Do we just think that nothing happens during this period in life? Don’t feel it is really that important, not enough time in the day? Think we know ourselves that well that we will know when something is up? Maybe it’s the old Aussie mentality of “She’ll be right mate”. Same goes with business.

Whatever the reason, if you don’t look after the health of your business with regular monitoring of symptoms (high turnover, grievances and complaints, under performance, lack of engagement) your business health could lead to unwelcomed consequences such as an unstable workforce, poor workplace culture, reduced productivity, increased disruptions in the workplace and possibly a shorter business life!!

Book in for an HR Health Check today with 4urecruitmentplus.com.au to see how your HR business health is tracking!

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