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Nobody can guarantee a perfect recruitment decision every time, and if they do, they are telling you fibs!

However, with a proper recruitment strategy and up to date HR practices you will have the best possible chance of getting the right people for your organisation.

We develop and facilitate tailored recruitment solutions specific to business needs which are:

Cost Effective
Achieve outcomes
FREE from spotters fees!!

Pre Employment Testing

Candidate selection using traditional tools like interviewing and reference checking can be hit and miss due to many factors. Pre-employment testing offers an impartial, consistent, and targeted insight into a candidate’s suitability for an organisation and role

Our Pre-Employment Testing solutions provide a better understanding of who candidates are. This recruitment solution is:

Cost Effective
Suitable for all industries
Provides instant test results
Reduces hiring mistakes

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations can be crucial to the successful resolution of a complaint or the defence of a legal claim against your business. In many businesses, the need for investigations will be quite common.

4URecruitmentPlus’s experienced workplace investigators, will bring a piece of mind and assurance to your organisation, through an independent, prompt, thorough, impartial, and confidential investigation process into allegations including; bullying, harassment, victimisation, and inappropriate behaviour.

Change Management

An effective change management program will, guide how you prepare your organisation, inform, and manage your workforce through these very difficult and complex situations.

4URecruitmentPlus will work with you to;

  • Identify the most appropriate workplace change required
  • Develop and support the workplace change process
  • Facilitate the process in a legally compliant and dignified manner
  • Manage the administration burden

Policies & Procedures

They set the benchmark of employer expectations and acceptable behaviour, informs how matters such as workplace conflict, grievances, disputes, and disciplinary matters are resolved, and support corporate governance reducing organisational risk.

4URecruitmentPlus can develop a robust suite of policies and procedures tailored to your organisational needs and current legal requirements.

Performance Management

Managing employee performance is one of the most difficult, uncomfortable, and neglected areas of business, but failing to do this can create division in teams, grievances, and an organisation which crawls to the finish line instead of running.

Our aim is not only to support management through process and tick the employer obligation box, but to also bring empathy, impartiality and humanity to achieve the best outcome in a difficult situation.

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